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Hello guys! Today I'm particullary happy because I've finally 200 watchers:happybounce: I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin) Heart 
Annd...I'm also happy because I have to appoint the DTA winners! Lol I'm so excited:D (Big Grin) 
Soooo... Here is the DTA  Mlp: Adops DTA CLOSED by BlackTempestBrony

Bullet; Purple For Starlight Glimmer x P.Luna
Win.... Shadow-Nicole !!
.:DTA Entry:.  Stella Shimmer by Shadow-Nicole
I really loved the way you've drawn her the firs time I saw herHeart  
Her name reflect more and more her-self and her mothers:) (Smile) 
Also, you added some details that made her more beautiful then everWink/Razz 

Bullet; Pink For Rarity x P. Ember
Win.... Nanobun !!
  Imperial Gemstone .:DTA ENTRY:. by Nanobun
Gosh, she looks so regal and her reference is very detailed!
Your style fit perfectly for this character
I also liked her name and her cutie mark:D (Big Grin) 
One word for describe this drawing: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S  

Bullet; Yellow For Spitfire x Discord
Win.... NovaAssassin !!
Agate Artefact by NovaAssassin
Awww he's so cute, isn't he?Meow :3 Love 
Ok, the first time I saw him, I immediately liked the name, the pose AND THE WINGS' POSE OMG  
You're drawing is so simple but is also detailed about the manestyleHeart 
He looks like a precious little kitty:loverevamped: Aww 

And...a little surprise...
The winners will have 2 free customs by meI am a dummy! 
(...I thought about it now..Sweating a little...

I also have to thank the participants:D (Big Grin) 
Thank to: SolomonBunny MidnightedEcho Snowycocox Nazo-no-Akuma Axnus015 Zombie-Chickenz 
Hello guys! If you want to join in my DTA there are few days left. Here is the DTA's link blacktempestbrony.deviantart.c…
Hello guys! Like I said, I'm looking for a mlp basemaker who will help me to make some comic readings. The bases must be for MS paint, and they must have normal lines (not thin lines). Write here in the comments who wants help me :) (I can pay the basemaker with a minium of 20 p. and a max. of 80 p.)
You can ask everything you want and I'll answer with a drawing Love 
(please, not unconfortable questions)
Hello! I decided to open reference sheet commission because....idk :3 here it is an example blacktempestbrony.deviantart.c… . SO, about the price, it will be 20 points for a simple character (the price will be higher for difficoult characters, so, more the character is and more expensive will be). Ask me everything you want! (I accept Mlp and dragon characters) Send me your OC in the comments :3
Hello guys, I need a custom before 14th February. Write here in the comments who has something to show to me ;3
Hello guys! I would like a full body of my dragon Skywalker  Sky Walker (Black Tempest's mother) by BlackTempestBrony
Please, nothing over 150 points Wink/Razz 
Here it is!… If you want to join ask to doodle noodle :3
Hi! So, here there is only 1 slot for custom, here are the prices Heart 

Random= 10Points  (simple resuls)
Choose fur and mane colors= 15Points  (simple results)
            +species* and gender= +10Points (normal results)
            +eyes color= +5Points (normal resuls)
            +stuff like earing, necklace, socks..= +10Points  (bit difficult result)
* depend by the species, here you can choose between unicorn, pegasus and earth
  but if you want to choose other kind of specie, here are the examples
                   Bat pony= +3Points 
                   Deer pony= +5Points 
                   Dragon pony= +10Points 
                   Shark pony= +15Points 
                   Tiger pony= +20Points 
                   Griffin pony hybrid= +25Points 
                   Draconeequus hybrid= +35Points 

You can choose also ships and pokemon theme
           Ship= 20Points  (if you want add details look up here Arrow Up )
           Pokemon theme= 30Points  (can't add details)

If you have something to ask I'm ready for answerHeart…
Guys, I very bored...and I want to draw something by hand but I don't know what sooooo send the link of your oc here in the comments and I'll drow it! (Max 5 characters)
Here: blacktempestbrony.deviantart.c…
Here guys! blacktempestbrony.deviantart.c…
Here: blacktempestbrony.deviantart.c…
Hi everyone! I do commision, art trade, custom and others La la la la . The prices are here!

  • Customs: each is 30 Points (you can choose all you want like theme, color and others Meow :3 )
  • Art Trade: free Heart 
  • Commission (by computer) :
Bullet; Green HeadShot: 10 Points 

Bullet; Pink Full body: 25 Points 

Bullet; Blue + Pose: + 5 Points 

Bullet; Purple + Background: + 10 Points 

  • Commission [(by hand) my hand style:  Mlp: My new OCs ^^ by BlackTempestBrony ] :

Bullet; Green HeadShot: 15 Points 

Bullet; Pink Full Body: 30 Points 

Bullet; Blue + Pose: + 10 Points 

Bullet; Purple + Background: + 15 Points 


Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know what's going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!
I don't know if this is true, or some sort of weird thing that's going on. But be careful everyone.
(I don't own this)
Yes, I have adoptables open in my profil, so if you see it you'll found them. They are 10 or 5 points or other by 20 or 30 points. I hope you like them! ;P